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Project Description

Creates .Net proxy components from COM Type Libraries.
The components will be created as C# or VB.Net Source Code in a generated Visual Studio Solution.
The classes in the generated solution are accessing the COM Server with late binding reflection technique.

- you can generate a COM TypeLibrary in multiple versions to a single .Net proxy component.
  the generated classes, methods and properties are marked with attributes whitch COM Type Library version support the entities.
- easy mechanism to handle COM References and unkown variant types are integrated.
- handles optional parameters in C# better than standard interop dll's (exceptional .Net 4.0 with native optional parameter support)
- version independent events are also supported.
- generated code works fine with any .NET Version you want

A unpublished beta version has generated the code for following project: LateBindingApi.Excel

This project is a helper for NetOffice versionindependet using microsoft office.

Todo List:

- 1.) create release 0.9
- 2.) support Linq
- 3.) support codegeneration -> Visual Basic.Net


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